We offer more complex and simple implants treatments using primarily the Biomet 3i System. Cost effective Implant options are also available using the Astra system and MIS system. Our German Implantologist will carry out additional Lateral bone augmentation, Sinus augmentation, Bone Block placement and connective tissue grafting where required. Non Invasive Implant surgery is also available using the Guided Surgery Placement Navigation techniques incorporating CT scanning.


Fixed Orthodontics Removable Orthodontics and Invisalign treatments offered by our Consulting Orthodontists

Root Canal Treatments

All root canal treatments are carried out using our Global Fibre Optic microscope with rubber Dam isolation and combination of Rotary and hand file instrumentation.

Cosmetic Dentistry Smile Makeover

Utilising the latest tooth coloured restorative materials including Zirconia and cad cam technologies with additional teeth whitening where required. We utilise our in office Dental Technician and communication with outside laboratories using the Milling CAD Cam technologies.

Emergency Dental Care

Mobile Tel 0862510036 allows the office to be accessible 364 days in the year for immediate relief of pain or treatment due to trauma etc. We take pride is this service and allow our local hospital A&E units access to this service at all times.

Sedation Oral Surgery

IV Sedation and Relative Analgesia sedation is available for our anxious patients. Our Consulting Oral Surgeon takes appointments on Saturdays.

Children’s Dentistry

We take pride in our preventative dental care for our younger patients. Every care is taken to ensure the little ones are as relaxed and well cared for as possible.

Dental laboratory

The lab on-site emerged from our desire to fabricate crowns inside 48 hours as may be necessary due to trauma. The laboratory provides acrylic appliances such as dentures and repairs. Natalie Unbanova our Dental Technician is ten years qualified and works with the Noritake Porcelain systems in fabricating Crowns Bridges and Veneers. She is available for shade selection which thus enhances the aesthetic results. We also use mire3Dental Cad Cam milling laboratory in Dublin which is a laboratory utilizing the latest technologies with the new Zirconia porcelains. We utilize both London and Germany for all our implant work which allows us to keep the standards high yet pass on savings in laboratory fees to our patients.